▶ Apartment Lock Body


 ▶ CCTV Camera Case Parts

  • Quality control in the die casting process is focused on the surface conditions; scratch, pin hole, deformation, etc.
  • Various follow-up processes requiring surface quality
  • All the components of CCTV camera case including rear case, side bar, and front are manufactured by die casting ? machining ? sanding ? coating ? complete inspection

   ▶ Boat Handles and Plated Products


 ▶ Boiler Manifold Assembly

  • For home boilers. Due to the characteristics of gas equipment, through leak test, nozzle diameter control and precise connector are absolutely necessary. 16 Kcal, 30 Kcal, 40 Kcal models are available.
  • Nozzle diameter must be precisely controlled. Through leak test is conducted. Precision is ensured by die casting and CNC machining.

 ▶ Gas Boiler Chimney Assembly

  • Mounted on the furnace of gas boilers, exhaust combustion gas and supply fresh air. Forced and natural type ventilation are available. Preciseness and workability are better than conventional PREE products.

 ▶ Model Trains, Boiler Heat Exchangers