▶ Gas pressure regulator

  • Design can be modified as required. Even same model can be redesigned to have different secondary pressure suitable for the facility to be coupled with
  • One of the most useful feature is that, since the LNG and LPG pressures are set up at the same governor(regulator), transfer between LNG and LPG can be carried out simply with a screw. Models transferring between LNG and LPG with fuel selector inside the cap are also available.
  • A wide range of models are available for customers’ needs. Convenient for maintenance or work transfer
  • The governor is of Two-Way system that two separate gas supply at same pressure is enabled without additional device. Models which enable utilizing 1-way of the 2-way are also available.

 ▶ Automatic shut off valve

  • Gas oven range parts being exported to GE, having following features:
  • Rated Operating Pressure: 5.0 KPa
  • Rated Operating Temperature: 120℃
  • Rated Operating Voltage: 20V DC
  • Power Consumption: 4.8W or less
  • Coil Class: E
  • Durability: when tested at 120℃, rated voltage(20V DC), 50,000 cycle(1 cycle = 1 sec operation and 1 sec pause), no malfunction, leak, electric failure, nor insulation broken.

 ▶ 가스 조절 밸브
    (가스압력 조절기 + 솔레노이드 밸브 일체형)

 ▶ 가스레인지 노브

  • GE (General Electric)의 가스레인지, 가스오븐레인지에 사용되는 노브로서 고가제품에 적용됨.
  • 스테인레스 스틸 제품과

 ▶ Gas Burner Body for Gas and Oven Ranges

  • Double high heat capacity burner body with outer main burner and inner smaller burner. Heat capacity can be controlled in multiple steps.
  • CAP burner is coated with ceramic material. Gas injection structure is focused on the stability of flame. Much cheaper and precise than conventional burners.
  • A wide range of models are available for selection. The figure shows burner body, port, and CAP burner. These products are being exported to world market by respective manufacturers.

 ▶ 손잡이 (handle)

 ▶ Wash Tank Bracket Members

  • Being exported to GE(General Electric). Requires precision machining with CNC lathe and automatic tapping

 ▶ Electric Pressurized Rice Cooker Lid

  • Conventional electric rice cookers have cooking and temperature maintaining functions. Pressurized cookers have die cast and Teflon coated lids suitable for high pressure and severe temperature changes.
  • Automatic pressure regulator is provided to prevent steam leak and safety. Rotating ring(handles, left/right automatic device) and cooker lid are made in a single member, while other products have separate members, enabling cost saving and easier handling as well as lighter in weight, which ensures competitiveness.
  • Quality control is focused on precision machining, surface finishing, and pin-holes on surface.


  • Manufactured by high precision die casting with aluminum, eliminating microscopic pin hole, foreign matter, or deformation for proper function. The heads which had been imported from Japan were localized by joint R&D with the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology.
  • Comparing with other products, die structure is very much complicated and the products require many machining processes which do not accept small failure. Tolerance in dimension is 1/1000 less. Quality control is carried out focusing on through measure of dispersion.
  • Of the Head Drum components, Upper and Lower members are manufactured by us. Recently, we have developed products that do not require finishing work, reducing labor and management cost of customers.